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Sidi boots combine cutting edge technology and materials with the tradition of artisan shoemaking made in Italy. Sidi stands for more than 50 years of history and passion constellated with great achievements and extraordinary innovations. Quality yes, but without compromising on design; the company from Maser stands out for its attractive shapes and attention to fashion. People who choose the Sidi sport brand will get their hands on, or should we say their feet into a product that offers the same state-of-the-art solutions which have been field tested beforehand by the great champions in the Sidi Sport stables. We’re talking the highest level quality standards; nothing is left to chance because when it comes to comfort and safety of the foot, there is no kidding around at Sidi. Words are not enough, so as representatives we have the World Champion phenomenon Tony Cairoli, who took home his eighth World Championship title in the MX this year; and Kiara Fontanesi, who has been confirmed as the Queen of motocross for the third consecutive time. When they hit the track, champions always require the best, and Sidi is always ready to meet the challenge to help them obtain maximum performance, so they can win and pursue new horizons.


“Sidi has been with me for more than 10 years and has been a part of all my World victories. This year I shared the joy of my eighth rainbow title with Sidi and Crossfire2. Crossfire 2 has all the characteristics to be the number one footwear in motocross, both aesthetically and functionally. For me it is an honor to wear this boot and do my part to improve upon it year after year, always taking it to the top,” says Tony Cairoli.


“I’ve won my three World titles with Sidi and I hope that this partnership will continue to bring great things to both of us. Crossfire 2 is MY boot, by now it has become a part of me. I love it because it offers the best compromise between performance, safety and comfort; I would be hard pressed to ask for anything more! Not to mention the fact that Sidi dedicated a special version of the Crossfire 2 all to me; it’s entirely pink for a look that’s always flawless, just the way I like it,” says Kiara Fontanesi.


These boots are enjoying such success among riders all over the world that once again in 2015 they will represent the best of the best in the Sidi Sport-branded off road collection. Crossfire 2 and Crossfire 2 SRS have DNA that contains a perfect mix of the latest technological advancements, making them unbeatable on any type of terrain and even in the most severe weather conditions. The uppers are all in leather (in microfiber for the SRS version) with Techno micro microfiber inserts. They are resistant, soft and lightweight, as well as water and scratch resistant. The boot is lined with air weave, featuring Teflon and Cambrelle on the toe, a combination that creates an impenetrable barrier that keeps the foot dry and protected. There are really a lot of brilliant aspects to the Crossfire 2 and Crossfire 2 SRS, starting with the two flexion points, not to mention that the front part, the muffler protection, the levers, the straps and the metatarsus insert are all replaceable and adjustable, as is attachable the leg shaft, which is assembled with screws. The heel is anatomic and molded, so it’s rigid and resistant to bumps; the sole is in rubber and the inside is in nylon, with a removable insole. All these details contribute to a fit that is always precise, perfect and safe. Crossfire 2 is available in sizes 40 to 50 and comes in a wide range of colors to choose from that can satisfy any taste (the 2015 collection will include the new florescent yellow/white/blue color scheme).


Three boots in one…The Crossfire 2 SRS version comes with the innovative and practical SRS Sole Replacement System: a system of replaceable soles, compatible with E1 soles for enduro and SMS for supermoto. The SRS sole can be easily replaced in just a few seconds using a standard screwdriver.

To each their own Crossfire 2With a complete range of easily interchangeable and replaceable Sidi accessories that you can buy throughout Italy at Sidi retailers, you can use your creativity to personalize your Crossfire 2 for an original look that’s all your own.

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