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DAVIDE CIMOLAI’S TOUR DE FRANCE…the youngest Italian rider of Grande Boucle

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Name: Davide
Surname: Cimolai
Nationality: Italian
DOB: 13/08/1989
Birthplace: Pordenone (Friuli Venezia Giulia). Resident in: Sacile (PN).
Profession: cyclist
Debut in the pros: 2010
2014 Team: Lampre-Merida
Career road victories: 1


Is it the Tour that makes riders great or is it the riders that make the Tour great? “Well, the Tour de France is definitely the most important race in the world in terms of appeal, prestige and media coverage but we riders, too, do our part to make the race great. The sure thing is that here on the roads of the Tour things are certainly gruelling.”

Davide Cimolai, born in 1989, rides for Lampre-Merida, a Pro Team formation, the Premier League in cycling, where all the riders use Sidi Sport shoes. Davide was born in Pordenone and is a resident in Sacile. At the age of 24 he is the youngest Italian rider in the 101st Tour de France. “I’m already the youngest Italian; I took the prize from Matteo Trentin by a few months. However he has won one stage and I’d like to be able to match him in that, even though I know it won’t be easy. On the team with me is American Chris Horner (winner of the Vuelta 2013) who, at 42 years old, together with German Jens Voigt is the grandpa of the group. I say grandpa with the utmost respect, because Horner is a formidable rider, in addition to being an exquisite person. I feel lucky to be able to pedal next to him, I still have a lot to learn and he is definitely a role model in professionalism, dedication and commitment.”

“The first part of the Tour was extremely hard. This is my second Tour de France, I know that here things move very fast but this year we’ve really been going all out since day one. In the first stages there were lots of falls; I ended up on the ground twice, I feared the worst but I managed to grit my teeth and keep going. We’ve also had a lot of rain; in fact, after the incredibly difficult stage with the cobblestones of the Roubaix I also got the flu. The hardest moment came in the 7th stage with the arrival at Nancy; I was very weak with the flu, I couldn’t go forward, but now I’ve recovered and I feel better. I come here to stay close to Sacha Modolo (withdrawal in the 2nd stage), who was our fast man, but now of course I stay near the captains, World Champion Rui Costa and Horner. If everything goes well I hope to get the chance to get into the right break, perhaps in the last week. When the classification takes shape, and some sprinters have gone home, there will be room for attacks from far out and if I have the legs to do it I’m going to go for it. I definitely want to make it to the Champs Elysées. I’m not afraid of mixing it up in a sprint and at the end of a great Tour anything can happen…”

Davide Cimolai, have you already discovered what kind of rider you are? “I feel like I’m a fast guy but I sincerely believe that I still haven’t discovered my limits. I’ve already taken part in and completed a Tour and a Vuelta, I’ve never raced in the Giro d’Italia, which for an Italian is clearly one of the most important races, but the Tour is the university of cycling. However I also enjoy the one day classics. The race I love the most and which I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid is the Sanremo; I’ve been in three so far. Between the Ronde Van Vlaanderen and the Paris-Roubaix I feel more partial to the Ronde but this year I’ve learned to love Roubaix…it’s a hellish race but it has its own unique charm.”

Sidi Sport shoes are worn by Davide Cimolai and all the riders on Team Lampre-Merida. “I’ve always done very well with Sidi shoes. I already used Sidi in the minors when I was younger; I used them as soon as I made it to the pros with Liquigas and even now with Lampre. Sidi represents the perfect mix of comfort, lightness and performance without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect. In fact, Sidi made a special graphic for us that’s perfectly coordinated with the colours of our uniforms. Here at the Tour we are using the Wire Carbon Air Vernice model made in a porous micro-fibre that provides better air flow to the foot compared to traditional models. I’m sure they will be a valuable help, particularly in the Pyrenees stages when the heat is going to be brutal.”

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AdministratorDAVIDE CIMOLAI’S TOUR DE FRANCE…the youngest Italian rider of Grande Boucle

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