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Paris-Dakar is a challenging expedition that provides pure adrenaline. Those who race in this rally become a part of the legend, and whoever wins the quest enters the Olympus of motor sports. This challenge is as difficult as it is fascinating, an irresistible attraction for anyone with motors and adventure in their blood. Whether by car, motorcycle or truck, this is a serious race. There’s no messing about in the Dakar; for everyone who participates it’s all about being there, giving it their best, hanging in there and making it to the finish line. Yes, because arriving to the end is already a victory in itself.

There really isn’t much time left until the 2016 Dakar race. The number one rally in the world will cross the dirt roads and outback of South America, setting off from Buenos Aires on January the 2nd, for a journey covering 10 thousand km across Argentina and Bolivia.


For the first time this year Ivan Cervantes will also be at the starting line. The 5-time World Champion in the Enduro category is one of the most outstanding riders in the ranks of Sidi Sport champions. So, even though this will be his debut in the Dakar, Cervantes rightfully deserves this rookie spot. As always, even in the Dakar, Cervantes will be able to count on the utmost support from Sidi Sport, which is supplying their Sidi Crossfire2 SRS boots. The number 1 boots in the world for off road, they are unbeatable on any terrain and in any weather.

Ivan, can we say this is a dream come true?

“Yes, without a doubt, participating in the Dakar is a dream I’ve always had, ever since I was a little kid. I’ve always admired the riders who participate in this race, which has a unique, inimitable charm. The Dakar is a project I’ve had in mind for a long time. I’ve renewed my contract with KTM and in 2016 I will compete in the Enduro World Series again. However, thanks to the wild card provided to me by Himoinsa Racing Team – which I thank – now the dream of racing in the Dakar is coming true. When they first ran the idea by me I accepted immediately, how could I possibly refuse?”


What are your expectations going into your first Dakar?

“I’m paying close attention to every detail, both in terms of the technical aspects and physical preparedness. The Himoinsa Racing Team staff and I have been getting along splendidly from the get go. I have tremendous respect for the Dakar; I will come to the start with humility, well aware of the fact that it will be one of the most challenging tests of my career. Obviously, I’m going to give it my all, with the same determination as always, to try to achieve a good result. All together our team is lining up 5 riders (Gerard Farres, Antonio Gimeno, Rosa Romero, Dani Oliveras, Ivan Cervantes), and I’ve received valuable advice from my team mates, who have all participated several times in the past. The team is extremely enthusiastic!”


What are the differences between a Dakar and the races in an Enduro world series?

“There can be several similarities but the biggest difference is the intensity and duration of the effort. In an Enduro race, between one special trial and another there is also time to relax; instead at the Dakar the tension never lets up, you are always at the limit, you cannot let yourself be distracted by anything. At the Dakar the days begin at 5 in the morning, when you set out for an average route of 1000 km; you know when you leave but you never know when you’ll arrive. The physical and mental stress can become unbearable at any given moment. Then there’s the climate factor: temperatures along the route can easily exceed 45 degrees Celsius, but there is also the chance of unexpected weather changes and heavy rain. Anyway, I am ready and I can’t wait to set off on this extraordinary adventure!”

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