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Name: Kiara
Surname: Fontanesi
Nationality: Italian
DOB: 10/03/1994
Place of birth: Parma (Italy)
Profession: Motocross Women’s World Champion


Whoever still thinks that motocross is an all boys’ club is grossly mistaken. Just have a look at a race in the WMX series, the women’s motocross world championships, to realize that girls, too, can hold their own on a motorbike… and they have little if nothing to prove to their male colleagues because they show just as much guts, passion and determination as they do.
The brightest star in WMX is our very own Kiara Fontanesi. Brilliant, beautiful, nice, friendly and sometimes a bit crazy… but especially fast when she hits the track; with the two World titles won in 2012 and 2013, Kiara has earned the right to be crowned the uncontested Queen of motocross.

“Motocross is my life; it runs through my veins like blood. In my family I have always breathed the passion for two wheels and motors. It was impossible not to fall in love with this sport. It was a passion which I had the good fortune of transforming in to work, with a lot of commitment. It hasn’t been easy but after all I’ve made it. It’s proof that if you want something in life, like in sport, you have to fight for it and never give up.”


The number on Kiara’s motorbike is 8. “My brother raced motorcycles and his number was 8. In my first race I also had the 8 and since then I’ve never let go of this number, I’ve grown fond of it; it’s an important number and one that keeps repeating itself in my life.”

2012 and 2013 were years of consecration for Kiara Fontanesi. “I’m coming off two extraordinary seasons, with two World titles won. Obviously the goal is to make it to the top again this year. At the beginning of the season I knew it wouldn’t be easy to do so, but now here I am facing the final event, leading in the rankings.”

It’s a date for Sunday, July 27th, when the final act in the 2014 WMX World Series will take to the stage on the Loket racetrack in the Czech Republic. Kiara will come to the race with the “red tab” as the world leader on her motorbike and with a 4 point advantage over her closest rival, Australian Marion Rutledge.

“I want to be an optimist and so I’m thinking about the fact that I hold an advantage…but in reality 4 points is very little. It’s a very uncertain situation, one in which I’ve never found myself. In the two World Championships, I won the first one with one heat to go and the other one with one race left, no less. This is going to play out all the way to the end, up to the last lap, with the awareness that however it turns out, I’ve given it my all up to the very last metre. Certainly, this isn’t my favourite track. I’ve only raced here once in my career; it has a very hard surface, but it doesn’t matter, whatever the track I have to win or do better than Rutledge. This is all that counts.”


“In the next several weeks I’m going to be training on my motorbike here at home. Then as always I’ll be working out at the gym a lot and with my staff we’ll be working out every detail, even the smallest, nothing can be left to chance, and then we’ll go to Loket determined and ready to fight, knowing that it is not going to be a cakewalk; but I’m used to this, no one has ever handed me anything in life for free.”

“I can’t deny that there is a little bitterness for the points lost along the way. I’m in the lead in the World standings but if I take a critical look at my motocross season I can’t say I’m entirely satisfied. In Qatar I got off to a really bad start, then in Italy, in my hometown race I made a comeback by winning the Grand Prix, the only one in the season, but thanks to a regular presence on the podium and with various placements, I’ve made it to the final race ahead of the classification. I’m not really pleased with how I did but I’m leading the World rankings… that’s quite bizarre, don’t you think? This boosts my morale and gives me confidence because it means that I just have to work out some details and then I can really make it very far.”

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As always, battling it out with Kiara are her Sidi Crossfire2 boots, the number one models in the Sidi Sport branded off road collection. “With Sidi I won my first 2 World titles. Now we’re going to go for the third. I really like this boot because it offers the proper compromise between performance, safety and comfort. Hard to ask for anything more! Plus, this year I managed to convince the great Dino Signori (editor’s note. Founder and Owner of Sidi Sport) to make a special, all pink Crossfire2 just for me…what an honour, now I really have a perfect look, just what I want, because even on a motorcycle you want to be pleasing on the eyes! This pink boot is gorgeous! I hope I can repay the esteem and faith placed in me by my friends in Sidi by bringing home the third World title.”

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