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At the World Championships in Ponferrada, Spain, Sidi Sport achieved the maximum result by winning the elite men’s road race. In fact, the new World Champion, Poland’s Michal Kwiatkowski proudly sports Sidi Wire shoes, the top model in the Sidi Sport collection. At the World Championships Sidi accompanied plenty of champions from many countries who stood out as absolute stars; in addition to Kwiatek we’re thinking of Germany’s Tony Martin and Spaniard Purito Rodriguez, just to name a few examples.


Obviously, riders always race to win, but in a World Championship sometimes participating, giving it your best and investing all you’ve got, also counts. There are riders whose presence at Ponferrada already represented a victory in itself, for them and for their countries.

Cycling is not just about sport; it is something much greater and more important. The bicycle brings hope and inspires dreams, the bicycle teaches one how to live and work hard in order to obtain something. Sidi Sport knows this very well and this is why it is deeply committed to helping and supporting those who have a harder time breaking through, whose ranks also include the riders on Team Rwanda. The team from this small central-African nation, which became sadly notorious for the genocide and civil war that took place there in the 90’s, has made giant strides in the last years on the back of a bike, creating and nurturing a respectable cycling movement in spite of thousands of adversities.


Valens Ndayisenga, Jean Bosco Nsengimana and Bonaventure Uwizeyimana are almost unpronounceable, and for the most part, unknown names; they will never be as famous as Froome, Nibali, Wiggins and Contador, but they definitely pedal with the same commitment and love of the bicycle. They are the riders from Team Rwanda who participated with earnestness and great determination in the World Championships at Ponferrada.



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