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The motocross circus is revving its engines…in about a month the World Championship Series will get off to a start on the sands of Qatar. In the women’s field our “very own” Kiara Fontanesi will be vying to protect her title as Motocross Queen. We sat down with Kiara after her training to talk about the season ahead.

How are you Kiara, how is your winter training coming along?
I’m great, after a little holiday I got right back into my routine at the gym; I can never sit still anyway! However, I got back down to business on my motorcycle on January 4th. I’ve  just wrapped up a training session with my team in Sardinia, where the conditions were ideal and the weather was really good. Now this weekend we’ll be in Rome for the Supermare Cross. This is a highly spectacular race that takes place on the beach at Fregene. It will be a good opportunity for me to test myself in a race from the start. All told, I would say that everything is sailing along smoothly, both with the bike as well as in my private life. At the moment I couldn’t ask for anything more.


At the end of February things are going to start to get serious in Qatar; what are your goals for the new season?
Yeah, I can’t wait to get back to the atmosphere of the World Series Circus. Last year on the sands of Qatar I had a hard time finding the right rhythm, but I’m sure that past experience will come in useful this year to get off to a better start. There’s no sense trying to deny it, for someone like me who is coming in with three consecutive World titles, the goal is to make it back to the top. So you set off with the goal of winning, no holds barred.

In your class, the WMX, is there any news for 2015?
The toughest opponents will be the usual ones. When it comes to the schedule, we have one more important transfer after the debut in Qatar. In fact, like our male counterparts, we will fly to Thailand for the second race in the series. I’m curious; this will be a new adventure. I’m glad because, year after year, women’s motocross racing is growing.

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And is there any news from the technical sector of your entourage?
As we say in these cases, if something works, don’t fix it! Over the years we have built a nice group and we’re like one big family; there is harmony and we all understand each other, everyone knows what they have to do and they give everything they have to put me in the condition to do my best on the track. I’m also very happy with my Yamaha; the most important changes were made between 2013 and 2014. Last year we worked hard to fine tune the bike and now I can say that we’ve really made it to a good place in terms of reliability as well as performance.

And as for your relationship with Sidi Sport?
Ask me to give up anything, but not my boots! Sidi has been right there with me in all the most important events of my career. I’ve won three consecutive World Championship titles with Sidi. I’m thrilled with my Crossfire 2 boots! They’re comfortable, performing and their design is also pretty and appealing, just perfect for me. My thanks to Sidi, who always fulfil my needs and meet demands. This year I will be using the Crossfire 2 SRS model. They felt great the minute I put them on; they are easy to get on and off and really cover the foot and leg; even the sole provides me perfect sensibility on the motorcycle pedal.

Good luck Kiara …Go Go Go!!!  


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