Tony Martin on stage three of the 2014 Tour de Suisse


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Sidi Wire has confirmed itself as the top shoe in the range of the Sidi Sport collection for road cycling. Lightweight, highly performing and with an unmistakable modern and attractive design, Wire is definitely the most present, and the most winning shoe seen on the feet of the strongest professionals in the group that pedal in the most prestigious races along roads the world over. In line races and stage races, from the classics to the great tours, Sidi Wire shoes always stand out in the race and shine on the podium.


Sidi wants only the best for the feet of its champions. This is why the utmost care and attention is lent to the production of models destined for riders in the Sidi stables. Wire is a perfect mix in which passion, fine craftsmanship, tradition, technology and cutting edge materials come together to create an enviable product of the highest quality and performance. Don’t take our word for it; just witness the results obtained by Sidi road cycling champions. Clearly the performance of our athletes becomes the perfect proving ground against which to test all the products and innovative solutions, which are then made available to the public at large, who choose Sidi shoes to pedal and enjoy their own passion for bikes.


Every rider has his own needs and Sidi is always ready to supply the proper solution, making tailor-made, personalized models and intervening to the millimetre where necessary, because comfort and safety of the foot are one of the fundamental aspects behind an athlete’s performance.

Careful attention is also paid to design, with special graphics and special edition models that Sidi dedicates to its champions, to guarantee a look that’s always perfect and coordinated with the uniforms of their individual teams. This is the case for team Cannondale Pro Cycling and Lampre-Merida, the two “juggernauts” of which Sidi Sport is a partner and whose riders all use Sidi footwear.


Wire is a shoe in continuous evolution, in the search for innovative solutions for performance at ever higher levels, as in the case of the time trial World Champion Tony Martin. When racing against the clock it is the details that make a difference, and millimetres, grams and fractions of seconds distinguish the joy of victory from the agony of defeat.

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And let’s not forget the models that Sidi makes to celebrate the memorable great victories and successes of its champions.
Following you will find a wide array of Wire models used by Sidi champions in the group.

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