Campionati Europei UEC Strada 2015


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Interview with the 2015 European Womens’ Champion.


Name: Nadia
Surname: Quagliotto
Nationality: Italian
DOB: 22/03/1997
Birthplace: Treviso (Veneto). Resident in: Maser (Treviso).
Profession: cyclist
2015 road victories: 2
2016 Team: Top Girls

Campionati Europei UEC Strada 2015
The ranks in the Sidi Sport stables include champions from all over the world, from the North to the South of the globe, from America to Australia passing through the old continent. However, sometimes talents come from home-grown stock, and this is always tremendously satisfying. This is the case of Nadia Quagliotto, the young Italian athlete born in 1997. This year she won the junior category of the Women’s European cycling road championships that took place in Tartu, Estonia, in the month of August. Nadia is 18 and not only does she come from the province of Treviso, she lives right in Maser, the town where Sidi Sport has its main headquarters. Perhaps it’s just coincidence, or perhaps it’s a sign of destiny, but the fact of the matter is that on that day in Tartu Nadia was mixing it up in the thick of the race and then shining on the podium wearing her Sidi shoes.


Nadia, tell us about that victory…
“There were about 4 km to go to the arrival; the other Italian girls and I were very well positioned within the group. The pack at that point was preparing for the final sprint but I decided to go for it. I took off on a counter attack after Russian Karina Kasenova. In the end she and I were head to head for victory in the sprint, with the group catching up to us. I gave it my all and came out ahead. It was my first victory as a junior. It was an immense joy, for me and for the entire Italian team. That day we wanted a success so we could dedicate it to the memory of Chiara Pierobon, and we did it. Thinking about it now still gives me chills.”

Can we consider it the finest victory of your young career?
“Definitely, the most important victory I’ve achieved since I’ve been racing bikes. To win wearing the blue National Italian jersey in a major international competition is fantastic. I hope I still get to experience days like that; in any case, I will always carry the memory of this race inside of me.”

Campionati Europei UEC Strada 2015

In addition to the European title in the 2015 season, which have been your finest achievements?
“In addition to the European title, in first place I’d have to put the victory at the Italian National Track Championships in Montichiari, in the team pursuit; then there is the experience with the National team at the road racing World Championships in Richmond, in USA, an important experience that contributed a lot to making me grow, mature and learn about great cycling.”

What type of rider is Nadia Quagliotto? What is your favourite terrain?
“Hard to say, definitely one that likes a challenge and that doesn’t let up, that’s for sure! There is still time to grow; anyway let’s just say that I can hang on quite well on climbs and I don’t fall back easily. At the same time I am not a sprinter, but I have good, quick acceleration so in a tight bunch sprint I can hold my own.”

Among the champions in your sport, do you have an idol? Someone you look up to?
“In the women’s field I really like the grit and determination of Giorgia Bronzini, Elisa Longo Borghini and Marianne Vos. They are 3 champions whom I admire a lot. On the other hand, among the men my favourite cyclist is Peter Sagan. I like the way he races and also the way he behaves outside of the races; he is really a great person who does a load of good for our sport.”


It seems to us that you also like track…
“Yes, a lot. I have always tried to develop my track activities along with road riding. Of course, it’s a lot of work between training, races and transfers, but I think it is very useful for me. The track prepares you for the road; and I then I also have fun on the track.”

So you are a pro cyclist but still a student?
“Yes, exactly. I go to the Mazzotti Trade School for Tourism, in Treviso. School is a major commitment, especially from March on, when the season starts getting serious between training and races; but it means a lot to me to finish my higher studies and then we’ll see.”

Campionati del Mondo Richmond 2015

What are your competitive plans for 2016 and which team will you be riding for?
“In 2016 I’ll be graduating from the juniors to the Elites. I’ll be wearing the jersey for Team Top Girls. I’m very happy to have this opportunity. 2016 will be an important year for me, especially to gain experience and grow. I can’t wait to start the new season!

Any dreams tucked away in a drawer for the future?
“Cycling has always been my great passion. So to be here and to be able to measure myself against the best athletes in the world in the most important races is already a dream come true. I hope that this dream on two tyres continues for as long as possible. I’m going to give it my all!”

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